Qi beauty Skin Recovery Systems

Qi beauty Skin Recovery Systems Deliver Preventative Skin Care. For Pro Recovery, Pro Oxygenation, and Pro Health.


Qi beauty Practitioner Training Presented by Kathy Pedersen, Canada 2019.

Qi beauty Level One and Two, May 3-4, Vancouver.

Masters Series Masterclass 2019, May 5, Vancouver.




Menopausal Skin Treatments

Ageing is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal
— Kathy Pedersen, founder and pioneer of Qi beauty skin recovery systems

Qi arrival

This is the promise of Qi beauty treatments - it is called qi arrival. The skin tissues rise within the reservoir to feed and nourish from within. Meridian flow is restore. Tissues are decongested, invigorated and qi flow restored.


Qi beauty facial

Experience Qi beauty with a practitioner in Canada


“She is so happy”

“I have continued to work with my client and she is so happy. Before she began qibeauty treatments she would cry because she hated the way she looked. Now she just glows and is smiling all the time. She is wearing lipstick again for the first time in years.”

- Linda Langenegger, Medical Aesthetician at Affinity Health Clinic, Canada.


Masterclass 2019

Are you already a Qi beauty Practitioner? Complete the Advanced 1/2 day training and Join the 2019 Masterclass with Kathy Pedersen in Vancouver.

Qi beauty Practitioner Training Canada 2018-2019


Kathy Pedersen is the Pioneer of Qi beauty Skin Recovery Systems. The Facial Treatments and Home Kit follows Kathy’s protocols for accumulative results, to offer women the ability to control the way they age.

Kathy Pedersen, along with Qi beauty Practitioners around the world, remain committed to providing authentic, pro-health and pro-recovery age-control systems.

Qi beauty has a network of over 300 practitioners around Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, The USA and Hong Kong.

We are looking to the future of our Skin. We want health every day, every age.